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Product name

RC-NB-IOT intelligent expansion module

1.1 Technical parameters

product standard


4GIoTSmartExpansion Module

NBIoT Smart Expansion Module




communication mode

4G Cat1


Work voltage








Work temperature






1.1   Panel shows

RC-NB-IOT intelligent expansion module

1         Instructions

1.1         Platform lagin

RC-4G /RC-NBRemote control via control platform


address: 台 台 platform
Location advisers:
Housing information Release time: 2024-07-21

1Product overview

1.1 Main Features

. The Internet of Things communication module can be connected to various controller products of our company, expand the related functions of the Internet of Things, and implement remote control of the equipment through the Accelerator Internet of Things platform.

. Big data: The controller is connected to the IOT big data platform. It has the ability to collect, store, analyze and calculate data. The operation data is kept for up to 5 years. Through big data analysis, it provides a digital basis for functional improvement, system optimization and product quality. ·

. Remote firmware upgrade: The controller firmware can be upgraded remotely. After the product is sold, it will continue to be maintained by the manufacturer to ensure that the controller functions keep pace with the times. Combined with remote status viewing, control and other functions, after-sales support can be completed without leaving home, which greatly reduces after-sales time and costs. ·

. Real-time response: The controller has the real-time response capability like a drone. You can enjoy a smooth operating experience. ·

Open user management: With a tree-like user management structure, users can develop and maintain their own subordinate user groups. ·

. Multi-platform support: Support PC and mobile dual control platforms. Device information is in control anytime, anywhere. Excellent structural design: compact structure, small size, IP67 protection grade, easy installation, and can adapt to various harsh working environments; ·

. High reliability: The controller has prefabricated a variety of problem handling plans. After an abnormal situation occurs, no human intervention is required, and the controller can solve it by itself. For example, the controller has preset offline and networking dual working modes. If the networking is interrupted, the controller can switch to the offline mode to continue working. The product function is guaranteed to the greatest extent possible.

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